Renting Art

| 09 November, 2017 10:00


Renting artwork is an excellent option to buying art.

There are two main options for Business and Personal renting.  There is a straight rental agreement and the second is a rent to own agreement.

Why would a person want to rent an artwork versus buying a work of art?  Well first, renting gives you an option to see if the art “fits” in your home or office while not committing to buying the work.  Second, it also allows you to swap out work so you can keep a fresh new feel of art in your home or office.  Finally, the rent to buy option allows buyers to purchase a work and pay small monthly installments towards the final payment for the painting.

Why is it a huge benefit to a business?  It is a benefit to business in two big ways.  One, it allows the business to write off a monthly allotment for artwork for their business versus having to depreciate the value of a one-time purchase of the work on their taxes.  Second, it allows the business to rotate work and keep a fresh look in the office and common areas of the business.

Contact Reid Thorpe for the rental options and prices.

Prices vary on size and price of the work

I'm Back!

| 29 August, 2017 08:37

After a long break from the blog, I'm back and going to try to post on a more regular basis. 

Here a few current and upcoming events.

I currently have a work in the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Show, which won the "Earth Keepers" Award, for the art that best expresses appreciation and reverence for the natural world. Here's the work...


Art Wander is just around the corner.  Art Wander is a self-guided art studio tour in Carver County, MN.  My Studio is "Studio L"  Learn more at


| 08 December, 2013 09:28

Welcome to my new website and blog.  Over the past few weeks I have been setting up the site with images and galleries.  I'm still in the process and adding artwork so please check back periodically.  I will start adding more blog postings in the coming weeks.  I will comment on my process and insiration as well as giving some art tips.  alt

Art Wander Studio Tour

| 15 July, 2013 13:58

Put it on your calendar! September 28th from 9am-6pm and September 29th from 9am-5pm my studio will be open during the 2013 Art Wander Studio Tour of Carver County.

For more information go to or


National Scholastic Award Winners!

| 25 April, 2013 14:21

I would like to congratulate two of my students for winning National Scholastic Art Awards! 

Cortney Woodis won a Gold Medal in drawing at the national level and will be receiving her award at a reception at Carnegie Hall in late May.  Katie Scott won a Silver Medal in photography at the national level.  Great Job!


| 18 March, 2013 10:09

I spent much of the weekend framing the new paintings. Here is one of the frames in process.  Currently  I'm making my frames from cedar.  I really like the minwax "gunstock" stain.  It has a warm deep reddish brown color.  It really gives the cedar a nice rustic look.

St. Patrick's Day

| 17 March, 2013 08:53

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope everyone enjoys their yearly green day! 

It's not too green around here!  We have about a foot of white stuff on the ground and we're supposed to get some more tonight and tomorrow. 

One thing for sure, it will be Summer soon!


Enjoy painting!

New work almost done!

| 26 February, 2013 14:36

Here is a picture of a couple new paintings almost done!  One is 24x36 and the other is 9x12.  Once they're done I'll take final photos of them and upload them to the galleries.

Grain Elevators

| 26 February, 2013 10:44

I have resumed my Grain Elevator Series works.  I am looking for more elevators to work from.  I know of some in western Minnesota that are relatively close to me. 

If any of you know of any that are within an "easy" days drive of me let me know.  I know some of the old ones are coming down fast.

Thanks for the help.


Email List/ Notify List

| 21 February, 2013 13:57

I have been updating my email list and "Notify of new art list."  If you would like to be notified of new art, art shows, classes or art talks/demontrations, go to the bottom of my website and click on "Join Email List."


Happy Painting!

Grain Elevators

| 21 February, 2013 13:53

I have resumed work on my Grain Elevator Series.  Some of you may have seen some of the new work on my site.  I will continue to update the art in that gallery as I finish the work. 

I have also added a new gallery- Works on Paper.  I will post my drawings and watercolors in there.  Some are Grain Elvators and others are landscape. 


Happy Painting!!!

"Everyday is a good day when you paint!"

Bob Ross Remix

| 15 January, 2013 14:33

This is for those of us that grew up with Bob Ross as our inspiration.  I show this video to my students quite often.  It's a great reminder what art can do for the soul!


I could not embed the video so follow the above link!  It's worth it.


New Painting-Grain Elevator Series Cont.

| 24 May, 2012 13:54

Here is another picture of the painting in process.  It is now finished.  I will upload a finished image soon.


New Painting Cont.

| 20 May, 2012 13:48

Here is a second picture of the painting in process. 

New Painting-Grain Elevator Series

| 18 May, 2012 14:01

I started a new painting the other day and I thought I would post some in process pics of the work.  It's a 24"x36" oil painting of a grain elevator.  The grain elevator is just south of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada.  Here is the start of the sky.  You can see the underpainting the initial drawing of the building.