Renting Art

| 09 November, 2017 10:00


Renting artwork is an excellent option to buying art.

There are two main options for Business and Personal renting.  There is a straight rental agreement and the second is a rent to own agreement.

Why would a person want to rent an artwork versus buying a work of art?  Well first, renting gives you an option to see if the art “fits” in your home or office while not committing to buying the work.  Second, it also allows you to swap out work so you can keep a fresh new feel of art in your home or office.  Finally, the rent to buy option allows buyers to purchase a work and pay small monthly installments towards the final payment for the painting.

Why is it a huge benefit to a business?  It is a benefit to business in two big ways.  One, it allows the business to write off a monthly allotment for artwork for their business versus having to depreciate the value of a one-time purchase of the work on their taxes.  Second, it allows the business to rotate work and keep a fresh look in the office and common areas of the business.

Contact Reid Thorpe for the rental options and prices.

Prices vary on size and price of the work