My philosophy of creating art branches from a solid foundation in aesthetics, the study and exploration of beauty. I use the elements of color and line to create tension and harmony within my work, discovering the balance of beauty and interest that each work demands. Through this process, I strive to capture the beauty and intention within each scene I paint.

    I find inspiration for my work in nature, more specifically in Minnesota and Wisconsin where I spend most of my time. Through color, brush-stroke, and composition, I add intention to each natural scene. The colors I choose promote both contrast and harmony with the goal of evoking an emotional response. I use “blocky” paint strokes to fragment and simplify the landscape. The odd-sized canvases I use quite often create dynamic compositions and continue the theme of fragmentation. Other main features of my works include strong horizontals and verticals featuring trees, reflections, and natural settings.

    My current work explores the concept or feeling of nostalgia within fragmented landscapes using reflection – and the interplay between sky and water. I use reflections of water and fragments of sky to create juxtaposition within the work. I exaggerate the mosaic in negative spaces in contrast with the smooth quality of water. Whether walking outdoors alone or with my family, I search for these views through trees featuring colors, sky, and reflection.